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20 Life Lesson's To Close Out 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

1.Unsolicited opinions are comparable to a pimple on picture day. No one asked for it, but there it is ruining an otherwise perfect moment.

2.You can want the best for someone and not be the best for them simultaneously.

3.You’ll always come up short when you measure yourself using someone else’s ruler.

4.You can have the life you want sooner than you think. Simply stop aspiring to have the life of others and create your own.

5.Some people use your strength as an excuse to weigh you down with their b.s or even worse, not offer help or support.

6.Sometimes self care will require you to choose you first. You're not of any good to others when you neglect to care for yourself.

7.There are people who call themselves your friends and family that are actually jealous of you. It’s Not so much the physical attributes or the attention and support you receive. They are jealous of the characteristics that you have, that they lack. Which has absolutely nothing to do with you.

8.A round peg, can't fit in a square hole. So don’t force anything in life, be it relationships, friendships etc.

9.Normalize teaching people how to live without you by your absence. Rather than forcing yourself to accept the least or desperately begging people to treat you the way you want to be treated.

10.Rest is necessary and doesn’t mean you’re lazy, lack passion or purpose. It means you have the wisdom to know when to take a break.

11. No is a sufficient answer

12.Celebrate your successes no matter the size.

13.You should be your loudest cheerleader.

14.Having it all together, is overrated and innately impossible.

15.Pineapples belong on pizza

16. Choose to live versus merely existing.

17.Whether it’s personal or professional. You determine your value.

18.Don't share your vision with everyone. Some people will discourage you based on their own fears and lack.

19. Subscribe to the idea of being a lifetime learner. Knowledge is the key to success.

20. You don't have to show up for every argument/fight you're invited to. Some fights are won when you don't give any energy or attention to the person who invited you.

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