Business Spotlight: Do you know how to pivot?

The importance of being flexible as a business owner couldn’t have been more evident when many of us were met with uncertainty when COVID 19 caused us to close up shop indefinitely. In the game of basketball a post player who is able to skillfully use his pivot foot, is able to make valuable plays that create scoring opportunities.

A pivot in basketball by definition is when a player is holding the ball, and uses one foot to move in any direction while keeping the other foot planted on the floor.

In business: this allows business owners to remain grounded in the foundation of their business (while keeping one foot on the floor) while looking for other opportunities to enhance their business through newly created opportunities. (By using the other foot to move in any direction). Essentially the pivot is the gateway to overcoming the threat of having your shot blocked, the ball stolen or making away turn over by throwing the ball away in the game of basketball. It provides you with a new opportunity to score or make a positive play. When applied in business it is the turning point that shifts a business forward in a positive direction.

I couldn’t be more proud of Lonice Stoker of Laced by Lonice Spa & Boutique, she’s the blueprint for perfectly pivoting a business during a time of economic crisis. She didn’t allow Covid 19 or quarantine to stop her from continuing to grow her business. Texas' stay at home order put a damper on the excitement of Laced By Lonice Spa and Boutique's grand opening of their new location. While she’s still providing services to clients as a licensed esthetician, she’s also added a variety of products and new services to her growing company. Stoker has proven she not only understands the importance of pivoting, she also understands being a business owner means you must be willing to adjust. For Stoker, Covid 19 and the quarantine that followed provided her much needed downtime to focus her attention on the business of running her business. As a service based industry professional, oftentimes the focus is providing the client the best service and quality care. It leaves little time to focus on the small details that allow one to grow their business. This downtime, found Stoker in a place of planning and preparation that has birthed new products and services, that leave Stoker optimistic about the future of her business.

From her beginnings as a lash tech, to her brief foray into makeup artistry and now as the owner of Laced By Lonice Spa & Boutique, she's proven that a pivot in the right direction can open up a wealth of possibilities and new opportunities in business.

Please visit to book or purchase products as well as follow these social media platforms for more info @lacedbylonicespa on instagram and @lacedbylonice on facebook.

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