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The greatest epiphany one can ever have in life, to me. Is when you have a moment of reckoning that allows you to know whether you’re living life or just existing in life. This moment catapults you in a way that is unfathomable prior to having this eye opening revelation. It’s like gas to a car stuck on the side of the road with an empty tank. It fuels you like never before. It propels you to move forward motivated to actually live life, not just exist. When you’ve existed in life for so long, it’s very hard to notice the difference between the two. There is a stark difference. The easiest way I can explain it is that you’re going through the motions of daily life, in a manner that seems almost robotic and your actions are unconscious. It’s not because you’ve mastered the flow of life, it’s more so because you’re now in a state of doldrum in which you’re simply existing in your present situation. But not actually living. Living, gives a a new sense of vibrancy and exuberance. Living life, can be amplified by intentionality and is oftentimes driven by purpose. Making the conscious decision to not engage or participate in things or responsibilities that have no rhyme or reason as it relates to the overall picture of our life, allows us to involve one’s self in things that literally breathe life into our being. As do people, so can work, bills, deadlines, and other things we involve ourselves in, literally suck the life out of you. That’s why many of us find ourselves merely existing, while not yet living. If I could implore you to do one thing, based on this message. It would be for you to take a long, honest look at your life and truthfully tell yourself if you’re living or existing. There is no better time like the present when the world is in complete disarray, to decide to make the necessary changes for you that allow you to actually live life, rather than merely exist in it. Had it not been for my friend Hilari, suggesting that I create a list of all the things I wanted to do, just for me and do them whether they were big or small and admonishing me to start living for myself. I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice of the areas in life that I felt the most unfulfilled, I was existing as a mom, an aunt, an employee, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend. Although, I was doing seemingly good in those areas, I wasn’t fully living to my highest potential. There was so much more to me that I wasn’t tapping into,that had been lying dormant for many years. I’m still checking off things on that list, revamping it and in the words of Maxine Waters “reclaiming my time”, in a manner that encourages me to live life and not just coexist in places and situations that leave me lifeless at the end of the day. Today is the day that you awaken from your slumber of existing and decide to truly live!

As always,

Be well, be better, be your own version of success!

Awriter Eleven

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