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Make America Great Again: Allow Black America To Thrive Again

I’m all for making America great again. Take me back to the times of Seneca Village before 1857, Tulsa, before May 31- June 1, 1921, Rosewood before January 1923 when we were owners and not just toilers of the land. Remember how all shades of brown skinned people walked hand and hand supporting Martin's plan, a little before they started hating his dream because he started believing in overcoming and us truly being free. They omitted that dream, when they told “history”, and overshadowed it with their schemes.

There was strength in the days of Malcolm X; he was quick to put the man in check,the outspoken one’s are who they want us to forget. Just like they keep the secrets a Philadelphia 1985 tucked away, hoping to escape the ugly truth. Now we’re silenced for a check, along with losing our identities we’ve denounced our right to respect. Going along to get along, tap dancing and cosigning foolishness all while lacking knowledge.

Make America great again. You saw it in a negative light. I see it as my GOD given right to believe, achieve and fight for what’s rightfully mine. After all my ancestors built this, I’m not focused on the guilt trips. Although it’s oftentimes hidden, my peoples greatness predates slavery, there was once a time that we were kings and queens, free mentally and physically. And even when we were slaves, we still found a way to overcome the worst conditions. Our perseverance and determination has always caused our oppressors to become angry and indignant because we’ve proven countless times throughout history that we are fearless and resilient.

Knowing that once upon a time in a one room shack after carrying cotton on her back, a mother was secretly teaching her children how to read. This is why I’m determined against all odds to succeed. Long ago, in the richest soil, indispensable seeds were planted. Do you know who came from those seeds, people who look just like you and me. Why’d we stop educating our own, expecting those who deprived us of so much to teach us right from wrong and allow them full reign over our homes, and our children’s education all while they pipeline to prison us by their own “moral” and fiscal obligations. We have an obligation, to embody the sayings “each one teach one, reach out and touch somebody’s hand”. It's imperative that you reach one, brother, sister, mother, father and child, who looks like you, who knows too well what the ills of society and systemic racism have put you through.

You see their current offspring have become our clones. They seemingly love our culture but can’t stand to give credit where it’s due. Why is it that white girls want the same features as me? Coveting the fullness of our lips, the rhythmic sashay of our hips and the curvature of a black woman's behind. Yet they run from and discard the burdens that we carry on our backs, the cost of being born black. They Copycat and steal our rhythm, culture style and identity, but are unsurprisingly silent, at a loss for words, when we express our anger towards the world in which we all live. Unless, they use their mouths to suggest to us to "get over slavery, shut up and dribble, stand for an anthem". Remaining true to their allegiances and alliances, all while repeating the same tired lines, “he’d still be alive if he wasn’t so defiant.” They’ll take everything we created, so masterfully and skillfully, with limited resources and being set back systemically,changing the name and call it something new. Daring us to refute that they are the originators.

I’m all for making America great again. I’m all for making America great again, when the greatness involves elevating the people who built this country for free, who deserve the privileges and comforts that were freely given to those who stole the land and relied on the intelligence, strength, tenacity and ability of those who looked like you and me.

You’re not understanding why making America great again is necessary, because for so long we’ve focused on the history of our suffering, rather than remembering our solidarity, our greatness and all that we achieved. If we built it before, we can build it all again, all it takes is a plan.

In order to make America “Great Again", Allow Black America To Thrive Again!

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